Canada's Next 50 years: Towards a Federal Republic

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

BANKS in CAnada exposed heavily to collapsed derivatives....

...effectively making Canadian banks ALL TECHNICALLLY BANKRUPT right now... since DERIVATIVES are TOXIC WASTE paper... and no longer worth anything... COLLAPSE of Canada is as imminent as the US.... .[More.]

Canadians have been building debt due to low interest rates... it's about the trap them... [More...]

GARTH TURNER is the best Canadian writer that points to how Canada is in big trouble.... here's a piece

It doesn’t take much of a drive along London streets to get the picture. Strip malls with empty storefronts. Industrial units for sale. Massive factories on the edge of town with weathering ‘Available’ signs.

MONEY SUPPLY in Canada is expanding faster than productivity just like the US dollar... Canada is doing the SAME thing with their money as the FED is with theirs.. inflating it... this means trouble.. [More...]

MEAFORD REGION should have been named TRILLIUM region... not Meaford.. to avoid confusion

ETHANOL is genocide. [+]