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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

9/11-- Relevence to Canada of 9/11 as inside job

Someone in cooperation with a group in the highest powers of the U.S. government set up 9/11-- elements in the "British Empire"-- and Saudi Arabia-- a cover-up was orchestrated. Certain facts are not known but will still come out. 9/11 was an inside job on behalf of what Bush/Cheney represent. This kind of thing is still on-- in 2008-- 7 years later. The economic conditions that were happening then-- in 2001-- are now striking the financial monetary system. Canada won't escape this collapse.

The 9/11 event was a "false flag attack", run against the USA by the "British Empire"-- which is a cartel-- a financial cartel-- based in the City of London, Wall ST., and the Caymen Islands.

The British Empire shares responsibility for 9/11 with Saudi Arabia through BAE Systems. [+]

The Canadian media, the Canadian school and university systems, the Canadian churches and all Canadians-- are living currently under a fog of deception, lies and misdirection. The truth does exist-- but you have to find it. It's laid out-- on the interent of all places-- and as bizarre as it may seem-- there is one organization telling you the truth-- about what's really going on-- and that has the epistemological method that penetrates all of this-- and that is Larouche's organization. Here's Lyndon Larouche on who was behind 9/11. [+]

Now how is this relevent to Canada and Canadians? Canada is an underdeveloped country-- relative to where it MIGHT have been if the British had not suppressed development. The standard of living that Canadian enjoyed in the past has been entirely due to the ability to export RAW materials. There has been manufacturing and agriculture but not on the scale needed to create a sovereign nation state on track for the future-- The current situation is about to unravel on a scale unseen since the Dark Ages-- Canada is NOT immune... It's not that the sky is falling-- it's the FLOOR that's falling... and we're finding out that the floor is a false foor-- Canada is not established on a foundation that is strong at all.

9/11 was, in effect, the move made by the British Empire to create a reason to move into SW Asia-- to permeate chaos in that region of the world-- in general to foment conflict-- in the face of the collapse of the monetary system-- to grab resources-- to lay the groundwork for the destruction of the US military through private contracting-- and to set up an chessboard attack on China and Russia. Canada-- as so-called peace keeper-- in terms of military affairs-- should understand that it has been duped and used-- just as Americans have been... and that the second 9/11 event will affect every country-- that the overall plan for North America is a complete destruction of the sovereignty of the USA and Canada-- on the path to a global world order-- the alternative being a community of sovereign nation states in a community of principle.

The so-called repatriation of the Canadian constitution in 1971 by Trudeau was a hoax. I'm looking into that now. Most of the political parties in Canada are Briitish operations.

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