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Thursday, April 10, 2008

FTAA-- 01-- Exchange Morning Post editorial

[+] An appeal to sovereignty and denial of free trade.

Bank of Canada owned most of the debt before 1974-- then that year (?) adopted Milton Friedman's ideas-- and suddenly private banks owned most of the debt. I'd like to understand how that happened. I was not paying attention at the time... and it puts Canada in the same position as the US with respect to the Fed.

I read somewhere that the Bank of Canada cake take back the sovereign control of money-- just like the Congress in the USA can--

[+] FTAA + canada-- Google news search

[+] Anti-FTAA website

In reality, the federal government-- of CANADA-- ought to be involved in resisting FTAA at every turn-- and funding anti-free trade work in favor of protectionist policies that help build Canada for Canadians. This isn't just a political platform-- it's a political philosophy consistent with the Classical System-- that goes back in history to the origination of the idea of the nation-state-- a geocontinguous area where the general welfare of the citizen is the highest concern... and where business and corporations are regulated enough so that they don't take over-- but not regulated to the point where it's not pro-business. Business today has become international speculation and greed-- which isn't good for countries.

[+] Pro-Free trade site-- by the Office of the US Rep-- whatever that is...

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[+] [ftaa + canada} on Larouche search

Lyndon Larouche's political philosophy should be studied by all Canadians-- it applies-- not just to Canada-- or just to the USA but to all countries-- Every country would do well to have a Classical Studies Department where the heart and soul of the nation is considered-- and funded by long term public credit. This is, by definition, the country itself-- The resistance to Larouche's ideas and interpretation of history is a measure of how deep the infiltration of the British Empire is.

[+] [ftaa + canada] Google blog search-- where this post might show up. A lot of people are blogging about ftaa and how bad it is for Canada.

[+] [ftaa + canada] google blogsearch by date-- yields this blog post that claims it's "b.s." -- but it actually fairly accurate.

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