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Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Canada's future gay, joint smoking board meetings? yes, according to REV


Vancouver, with its well-established Indian and Chinese cultures, is now a place where estranged Indians and Chinese nationals can find very good dahl or dim sum, and yet still get openly married to their same-sex partners, and be recognized and honoured for being gay.

By the same token, a great many of China’s and India’s young and brilliant innovators, now enjoying nearly all the trappings of affluent middleclass life, must also wish to enjoy an occasional joint. How much do they enjoy having to buy it and smoke it at great risk to their blossoming careers? How would they like to set up offices in downtown Vancouver where, atop the skyline or walking around the seawall, an ideas meeting can be openly accompanied by a shared joint, where there isn’t anyone who would notice or bother to care?

Collectively and over the course of a few generations, we the people of Vancouver have gone and created one of the most spectacularly open, tolerant, and cosmopolitan cities the world has ever seen. Maybe it happened by accident or maybe by design, but we inhabit an historical rarity in this very moment. Where else in the world right now can you be a recent immigrant and visible minority, openly gay, smoking a joint, and conducting a corporate board meeting all at the same time, and still attract no attention whatsoever?

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The future of Canada is not gay joint smoking board meetings. Trust me on that. Or get busy and read Larouche's Canadidan site for Canada's real future. We have an Indian and Chinese site so that the immigrants from those countries will have an alternative-- here's the reference page. [+]

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