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Thursday, June 5, 2008

EIRwIGS program to expand over coming months.

a snaI'll be expanding my EIRwIGS program to re-educate Canadians over the coming months. EIRwIGS is an acronymn alluding to the earwig-- an insect that is feared to be able to crawl into people's ears. It does not, in fact, do that. But the myth is useful to me because what has occurred is that I have uncovered-- discovered-- a stupendous overarching theory of everything in Larouche's Executive Intelligence Review magazine over the past several years-- since January 2000- and yet-- noone seems to listen. So the analogy to the proverbial earwig is interesting because what I plan to do is put EIRwIGS in every "Institution, Government and School" I possibly can. And that inludes your home, and everyone around you, your town, your city, your neighbourhood. Sooner or later, you will bump into EIR and its effects-- and I will have been the cause-- more than likely. It's my gift to you. From one human being on Earth with a limited lifespan-- to another. No need to thank me. I know you will secretly anyway.

Your REQUIRED reading, as a Canadian citizen, today-- is all about Obama-- because the US elections are important to the world at large-- you'll see why. I'll be following up with "tests" to make sure you've read this. And, Chelseaman, it's free. [+] Imagine that. Free truth. Well, it's not really free. We Larouche fans help fund it but it's free to you. It's a gift. The gift of truth.

Here's the front page-- where you can see how Japan is going to help double our rice supply for Africa. [+] and more. The REV really ought to cover some of this stuff-- Too bad the "republic" is only a neighbourhood. Has Vanman ever retracted his joy upon seeing the WTC go down? Just wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Right on man

p4280 said...

go head,you have my intrest,if it's the honest to goodness truth for humankind.