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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kevin Potvin's own 9/11 inside job-- on himself!

Click on the subject line above for more details. Kevin destroyed his own political career in Canada-- by misinterpreting 9/11. He thought that the event was an act against the USA by radical Islamic terrorists-- and he cheered that-- because he thinks the USA is inherently imperial and deserves to be stopped. He got it wrong. And he got it wrong so badly that what was a budding career with the Green Party was annihalated as swifly as the trade towers on 9/11. The most insightly and completely correct interpretation of 9/11 has been accomplished by Lyn Larouche-- which I recognized because I understand real USA history-- as Classical humanist history with the imperial elements being subversion by the British/Dutch/Saudi intel attempting to destroy the USA from within. Click on the subject line for more.

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