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Thursday, April 10, 2008

BRITISH EMPIRE-- exists-- it's based in City of London

It's clear that the era 1971 to date-- 2008-- has been another attempt by the "oligarchs"-- the financial cartel based in the City of London-- to take over the world. The alternative is the community of sovereign nation-states in the world that interact in a community of principle as best defined by Lyndon larouche-- which is the kind of world I thought I was born into. Slowly over my lifespan, it became apparent that that world was being attacked by the empire.... and now it's at the point where there is open warfare breaking out again. The study of the two so-called world wars-- were intiated by the same Empire-- These dudes are bad-- really bad. We're in a situation. We're going to have to identify people on each side.

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