Canada's Next 50 years: Towards a Federal Republic

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

EIR Within Governments and Schools-- EIRwigs-- is essential.

To change Canada from a Constitutional Monarchy beholden to what is essentially the modern day form of the British Empire-- still controlled from the City of London-- as unbelievable as that may sound-- it's true-- into a Federal Republic, we have a simple approach-- EIRwigs. EIR is "Executive Intelligence Review", or EIR. "Wigs" is With-In-Governments-and-Schools". We think that the EIRwigs approach-- will work because the Republic works with an educated citizenry. EIR with all the back issues consitutes an education in civilization. The current approach of the mainstream media in Canada is to black out Larouche-- and this will not continue to work. The post FDR world-- FDR was anti-colonialist-- is ending with the collapse of the world financial system. We're erecting firewalls now-- agsinst the crash of the hedge funds-- and various national governments are taking back the ability to be self-sufficient in food-- given the WTO's genocidal policies. YOU can be part of the solution. Put EIRwigs all over Canada! Here is EIR. [+]

DO NOT WATCH TV-- Watch this-- [+[ We're facing the worst crisis in history. learn something reality based. Get your head out of your rear end. That's not where it's supposed to be.

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