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Friday, May 9, 2008

Colin Powel in REV vs. EIR

[+] ReV's review of colin Powell is interesting-- except for the fact that REV continues to IGNORE the British connection!!!-- The British run Canada-- and therefore REV is to be considered an agent of the BRITISH itself-- if REV does not soon start pointing to the British seizure of power in Washington. Canadians and other nationalities around the world absolutely MUST recognitze that the USA is UNDER ATTACK itself!!! -- that there IS a true American process-- that has been BURIED-- but it struggling to breathe-- despite the British controls on the media and the money. Many American leaders have been duped, and bought-- like Pelosi-- and Cheney and Gore-- these are agents-- THAT FUNDAMENTAL DISTINCTION MUST BE EXPOSED-- and the way to do it is read EIR.

[+] Here is the Larouche search engine results for colin powell-- I'll summarize some of the links later.

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