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Friday, May 9, 2008

REV-- Strange that REV follows 9/11 and deflects attention from Zionists

REV is a local Vancouver newspaper so what is the publishing philosophy behind updates on 9/11-- presumably an "American" event? Without reading back issues of REV, it's not possible to know since the author of this piece [+] doesn't offer the readers any context-- typical of a reductionist.

Is this article simply offerred as "filler"? What exactly is gained by reading this 9/11 update? What is the purpose of focus on the demolition aspect of the buildings? The writer acts as if we have NOT found the perpetratros-- misinforming his readers. Is he completely divorced from reality? Lyn Laoruche points to BAE systems-- Prince Banahar-- cooperative Neocons and-- central to the thing-- Zionists. It was a false flag event plotted by Zioinsts. But that's not all!

The writer is impressed with the turnout for 9/11 truth events. Nothing like the truth is being exposed however becuase the Zionists are currently beyind the destruction of the worlds' reserve currency-- and the financial monetary system including the Canadian dollar is crashing in slow motion-- gaining speed-- as commodity prices shoot sky high and effectively will impoverish everyone soon. REV does a DISservice to Vancouver and canadians-- in the way it orients the readers.

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