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Friday, May 9, 2008

REV seems to support Canadians getting high on THC-- a British plot.

The British empire operates an amazing psychological operations strategy against mankind. Most of us are either agents or dupes-- but some of us are complete dupes. Take the case of the writers at REV, a local paper in Vancouver BC. Here's a piece that reports-- supportively-- on the public protests in favor of using marijuana-- THC is the active compound. [+]

This is quite outrageous on the surface-- and beneath the surface-- it's actually a conspiracy-- a plot-- this is true. My job will be to EXPOSE the British manipuation behind the so-called legalized marijuana movement-- to save young Canadians from the very real problems associated with smoking weed. Mind control takes many forms-- and this bogus "pleasure drug" is another form of mind control.

Our counterintelligence strategy-- as Classical Humanists saving Canada from destruction and young Canadians from SELF destruction will be the EIRwigs program. EIRwigs is an acryonym for Executive Intelligence Review within governements and schools-- which promotes Larouches EIR magazine-- and I will prove-- as in a court of law-- that the promoters and soft-sellers as REV is of mariguana events like this-- as "news" are victims of a drug war-- just as the Chinese were victimized by the famous opium wars in the 1800s.

Reminder to some readers-- The use of EXPLETIVES is NOTHING compared to the subversion perpetrated by the soft-selling of dope as REV is doing. This is outrageous-- as are the dope shops that sell "paraphenalia" like glass pipes and the like. What's occuring to Vancourver is horrible-- and what's happening to Canada is horrrible-- and 30 million Canucks need to wake up to history-- as delivered by EIR-- Join my EIRwigs program-- and stop the drug subversion of Canada by the British. Better yet, join EIRwigs and start mailing emergency EIR copies to all of REV's advertisers to assist in this exposure and "waking up".

[+] George Soros on google-- He wants to legalize drugs and loot nation-states. What is REV's position on George Soros. I wonder. {+] REV maintains marijuana leads to peace among young men. [+] The British plot involves both majijuana to "pacify" young men who OUGHT to be demanding manufacturing and training-- yet REV invites the pacification of young men-- in a manner similar to flouride. These drugs-- similar to soma in Brave New World-- neutralize people's minds-- debilitating them as surely as whiskey debilitiated a previous generation. There is a REASON Soros both loots nations AND promotes drugs-- they're part of the SAME AGENDA-- and REV has fallen into the trap. Ultimately, the British Empire wants to depopulate the world-- and drugging young men into non-productivity and "peace" is one way to do it.

[+] Soros backs marijuana legalization in the state of New Mexico. Marijuana is actually more dangerous than the pro-marijuana people would have you believe. It causes mental confusion, and destroys productive capacity.

[+] Soros + marijuana on Google.

[+] Soros + marijuana on Google picture search

[+ republic of east vancouver + marijuana on google

[+] In an article that correctly-- in my estimation-- points out the folly of the British empire's puppet USA Neocon US government's attack on Afghanistan-- yet also points to the successful elimination of opium. In Vancouver, if marijauna, why not opium? Or other mind-altering drugs?

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