Canada's Next 50 years: Towards a Federal Republic

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wheat farmer in Saskatchewan points to good strategy

[+] Looks like Larouche thinking is taking hold in Saskatchewan. Larouche connected and motivated people like me are mobilizing across Canada-- from Thunder Bay, to Ottawa-Chelsea, Vancouver, the far north, Toronto, Kitchener etc.... through various programs. My own program is called EIRwigs-- an acronym for Executive Intellligence Review With In Governments and Schools. EIRwigs Canada will be submitting regular updates to the Canadian Treasury Board and the Treasury Secretariet as well as all so-called economosts. Canada's very existence depends on it-- since the "real opposition" view-- based on the British system has grown beyond "colonialism" and "quasi-colonialism" and has become "destroy the nation-state_ including the USA and Canada-- in favor of Globalism-- a new form of Imperialism desiged to kill and destroy billions of people beginning with starvation as is being done under current WTO policies. The REAL history of the nation state system which led to world wide progress is detailed in every issue of EIR which costs $500 per year-- and is worth far more than that. EIRwigs will get paper copies of EIR into governments and schools everywhere.

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