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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Join Canada's fight against the British empire's opium war against China [MORE...]

Canada Joins The British Empire’s
Opium War Against China

Canadian LaRouche Youth Movement

The British Empire, with the foolish assistance of a duped United States and its ever-obedient Canadian colony, among others, has not only launched its third Opium War against China, but is simultaneously using the Dalai Lama, and a network of Central Asian terrorists and drug-runners dedicated to China’s dissolution, to provoke a “Great Eurasian War.” The recent provocations must also be seen in light of the Lisbon Treaty now being implemented in Europe, which will create an imperial European super-state, directed by an unaccountable board of European Commissioners, to be deployed against Russia and China. [CLICK ON SUBJECT LINE ABOVE FOR MORE....}

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Ken Nada said...

In late July 2007, as the greatest financial bubble in history began to collapse with the blow-out of the US sub-prime market, this trans-Atlantic financial syndicate based in London, England, recognized that the financial system was hopelessly bankrupt and could not be saved. Their response has been to launch an accelerating drive into their “Great Eurasian War” between Asia and the West. The scope of the crisis can be seen in the sky-rocketing prices of basic commodities, the chaos of the international financial markets, the imminent threat of famine, and the rapidly deteriorating stability of dozens of nations in Asia and Africa. From Kosovo and Zimbabwe to Kenya, the Middle East and Asia, in all these cases and more can be found a guiding British hand.
The only relevant political issue confronting humanity today is the replacement for the now bankrupt system called “Globalization,” which could only be continued in a radically more virulent form: outright fascism coupled with escalating levels of fiscal austerity and depopulation on a global scale. Those who oppose this future for humanity are turning to Lyndon LaRouche for the only alternative: a New Bretton Woods international, fixed exchange-rate, monetary system, which would allow for the needed physical economic growth of all the world’s nations.
The decision to create such a system would mean the revival of the intention of President Franklin Roosevelt, who wished to put an end to all imperial systems and establish a community of sovereign nation states, working together to achieve the common aims of mankind. LaRouche has long been organizing leading circles across Eurasia on this very proposal, and the response has been profound. Yet the mere possibility that the world’s great nations could come together around infrastructure projects, the sharing of technologies for production, and in particular the construction of continental railway systems, is seen as a casus belli in the minds of London’s imperial geostrategists, just as much of Eurasia’s incredible economic progress of the late 19th century provoked London to orchestrate World War I.
Canada’s imperial involvement in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Harper’s dismal relations with China, his support for the Dalai Lama, and his support for other imperial abuses from Kosovo to Zimbabwe, confirm that Canada continues, unbeknownst to most Canadians, to be the colonial lackey of London’s imperial strategists. Contrary to most Canadians’ assumptions, Canada is becoming an imperial power, as former US Ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, remarked in 2003 to the Economic Club of Toronto: “Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and personnel in the Persian Gulf...who are fighting terrorism will supply more support indirectly to this war in Iraq than most of those 46 countries that are fully supporting our efforts there.”
Canada’s role in this escalating conflagration is that of an imperial aggressor. In 2005 our government issued its “International Policy Statement” (IPS), which established our commitment to Britain’s imperial agenda, and our rejection of the principled basis of the international order, best expressed in the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. This treaty established the modern system of sovereign nation states, premised upon “the advantage of the other”: that is, the promotion of the interests of other nations, which has been the basis of the incredible progress of the past centuries. However, in the “post-Westphalian era,” espoused by the circles of Tony Blair and their American agents, the grim spectre of the British East India Company is revealed: the total control of governments by private financial and industrial cartels in a state of perpetual war against the impoverished peoples of the earth. This is the system, insinuated in the IPS, to which our government has committed our nation.
Since 2001, Afghan opium production has exploded, now accounting for 90% of world output. The bulk of this opium is grown in the southern provinces of Afghanistan, which happen to be the regions managed by British and Canadian troops. Now that the British have taken control of the notorious Helmand province, 53% of Afghan opium is grown under their watchful eyes. In Kandahar opium production has approximately doubled since Canada took control in mid-2005, now 9% of all Afghan opium and rising. This “failure” to contain the opium trade is no failure at all, but is part of an imperial policy to break up China and many other nations, including Russia. As the 18th and 19th century British East India Company directors always understood, a nation of drug addicts would be incapable of effectively defending themselves from British imperial aggression. The real purpose of the opium now flowing across Eurasia and increasingly into China is exactly this: to have the target population destroy itself, and make an obscene profit at the same time.
On December 27, 2007, the London Independent reported that two British intelligence agents had been expelled from Afghanistan by the Karzai government for conducting illicit negotiations with the Taliban. The journal noted that British “spies, diplomats and soldiers in Afghanistan are playing the Great Game today as much as their forefathers ever did.” It was later revealed that the British had been secretly organizing Taliban training camps and even funding “friendly” Taliban units and providing them with logistical equipment! The British have viewed South and Central Asia as their personal playground for centuries, profiling the populations and creating scores of conflicts by manipulating the myriad ethnic groups in the area. It is also common knowledge that the Mujahedeen and later Al-Qaeda were the creations of British Intelligence, and were financed by the CIA and MI6 throughout the 1980s. It is this set of such terrorist groups and black marketeers which the British have now set into motion against China.
This opium is channelled through the Fergana Valley region of Central Asia, thence through the ethnic Uyghur population, which spills over the border from China’s Xinjiang province into the Central Asian republics. The Uyghur have their own London-based terrorist organization, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is also being used to foment chaos within China in coordination with that Nazi sympathizer and would-be feudal tyrant, the Dalai Lama. A number of reports have surfaced indicating that the Hizb ut-Tahrir have joined with the Dalai Lama’s faction in order to target the Olympic Games in August.
Does Canada want a new world war, pitting Asia against the West? Does Canada wish to see the world descend into a new dark age, in which wars are fought over increasingly scarce resources, while humanity experiences on a global scale what has not been experienced since the grim years of the 14th century?
It is overwhelmingly clear that the British Empire wants this war, for it would rather die than stop being an empire, that is, to give up its “divine right” to loot and pillage at will, under the current guise of Globalization. However, this does not mean that Canada and other nations must submit to this horrific agenda; Lyndon LaRouche has laid out the steps to be taken immediately, which will solve the crisis. This global imperial apparatus must be destroyed and the principle of Westphalia re-established, as Franklin Roosevelt had intended for the post-war period.
This dying empire cannot win, but humanity can certainly lose; the empire can cause a dark age, but we can launch a Renaissance!
The choice is ours.

Canadian LaRouche Youth Movement
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On Britain’s notorious domination of the international drug trade see “Dope, Inc.: The Book that Drove Henry Kissinger Crazy”, EIR, 1992. See also EIR March 28, 2008, “British Launch ‘Great Eurasian War’ Drive.” ( HYPERLINK ""
See EIR’s website for extensive documentation on the Lisbon Treaty.
See “Firewall” at HYPERLINK "" and “Century of War”, F. William Engdahl, 1993.
The “Great Game” refers to Britain’s 19th century covert imperial schemes for control over Asia, primarily targeting Russia and China.
The Fergana Valley has been a hotbed of extremist activity since the 1980s.
See April 11 issue of EIR for the full report on Tibet and the Uyghur. “Londonistan,” as it is often called, is a global center for terrorist recruitment and organizing, hosting dozens of terrorist organizations and leaders, including Osama bin Laden during the 1990s.
See HYPERLINK "" for LaRouche’s proposals