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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ecology applies to animals but not man.

The most basic and egregious error humans are making-- and Canadian humans especially-- is the error in NOT making the distincition between a man and an animal. Ecologists and ecology apologists are being led by Anti-Renaissance empirical thinkers of the Treaty of Paris initiated British empire Globalists in a path toward depopulation-- based partly on the idea that the Earth's "carrying capacity" for humans is constrained according to the type of thinking laid out by Malthus and Club of Rome.

Nothing could be further from the truth because the human being is unique in the universe among living things. Man has an animal body-- but the mind of man is transecological-- and transuniversal-- meaning that the mind of man has the unique capacity to unlock the principles and to apply those principles to the universe to transform it! In this way, man has transcended ecology as no animal possible can.

Canadians will be treeted to a list of prominant Canadians over the next time period who bill themselves as ecologists and point out their errror and their consequnet damage to young people and to the future of Canada's next 50 years.

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