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Saturday, May 10, 2008

London-run coalition is moving in to kill the USA now.

Canadians need to understand what's going on--- because Canada is being set up for destruction too-- by the "City of London" run coalition-- the financial oligarchs---> [FULL STORY}.

REV has always had it wrong and ecologists (and open source software people in IRCAN etc-- never truly understood very much. Now, doomsday is coming on. I'd like to see REV publish something on THAT-- if it doesn't-- it's obviously part of the "coalition"-- either that or a very mentally damaged dupe who continues to support legalization-- just like GEORGE SOROS wants. Why is it that I was able to grasp the big picture and so few others never really did? Is it IQ? Is it music? What? Chance maybe? Use Treaty of Lisbon and Treaty of Westphalia as operational reference points. Divorce yourself from Popper-- British agent-- understand that the Enlightenment was a British intel op to counter the Renaissance--

Just wait till I start really looking at what Nunavut is-- do you know the guy behind that move is the same guy behind the operation in Australia for a separate aboriginal state-- and that granting terriroties to indigenous groups as some ecologists and anthropoloists are prone to do-- is part of the same British plot? Those who think that way have a LOT of backpeddling to do-- It's tragic. And it's not the future. It's a retro-future-- in other words-- those plots are moves backward. Everyone reading this gets an F for fail-- in the world of ideas. Now we're going to pay a real price. Just watch.

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